How we feel  and think is central to the way we live our lives. Just like our physical health our mental health can have ups and downs. People suffering from mental illness hesitate to seek treatment due to extreme stigma and discrimination.

It’s not just about having conversations about mental health but about having the right conversations. So to differentiate between facts and myths of mental health and further know the real meaning and impact of it, explore all about it with us!


Mind Review is a dream project aimed at bridging the gap between society and mental health. The vision is to create positive conversations around mental health, to provide free & quality education for Psychology Enthusiasts and, instill in the society compassion & empathy. It is an independent initiative by Ms. Sakshi Kaushik.



Sakshi Kaushik is a Mental Health Advocate, Certified Child Abuse Primary Respondent, Speaker, Youtuber, Blogger, and an enthusiastic learner. She is also the part of the Young Mental Health Advocacy Programme, an initiative by Fortis Healthcare- National Mental Health Programme.


What’s better than learning at the comfort of your house and interacting with people as well as experts from all over the globe? We have it all for you!

From workshops to webinars on important topics like emotional health, dream analysis, self-love, stress management, importance of Mental Health, the loop of over-thinking among many others… To free and quality educational content for Psychology enthusiasts!

Feedback & Collaborations

Collaboration is the key to greater awareness. We believe in collaborating so that you get the required information right from the experts. Have a look at what our viewers and participants have to say about our work!


Are you a Psychology Enthusiast or someone who wants to study this beautiful subject from scratch? Are you bored from the regular monotonous lectures? Then, this is exactly the place you ought to be for free and quality content on topics of Psychology, curated with passion and huge amounts of research especially for YOU!

We have covered each topic via in-depth videos backed up with Handwritten Notes to advance your learning experience. So, what are you waiting for? Have a look at this video and many others like these. Begin your journey of learning!


We curate content for mental health in as simplified manner as possible. This would help you gain a basic understanding about various topics of mental health. Tap on the posts below to check them out!


Check out our latest blog and increase your awareness about Mental Health and concepts related to Psychology. We assure you, these blog posts would leave you spellbound!

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“Sometimes the greatest adventure is simply a conversation”

Amadeus Wolfe