Do You Think People Really Notice You?

If you are obsessed with the way you look because everyone’s eyes are probably just on you, then you need to read this blog! Because, it might change your perception!

For the longest time, I lived in the prison of what others will say. I compared myself with every other person I saw. Sooner or later, without realizing I began hating myself, with the way I looked and I started to copy everyone around me. I hated every aspect of me.

From my body, my face, my voice, my clothes, my habits, to almost every other thing. I used to imitate what others did. I tried my best to “fit-in” with the way they would like to see me. I was the most insecure kid ever!

Sooner, I realized that people would never accept you the way you are. If you’re fat, they would make fun of you. If you’re thin, they would make fun of you. And, if you’re fit then they would criticize and troll you for every weird reason in the world.

This is when I learnt to embrace my flaws. I learnt to value myself the way I am, it was then when everyone began noticing the real me! For, I decided that I want only those people in my life who can love me the way I am!

After all, as they say that nobody notices you as much as you do!

Nobody notices you as much as you do!

This line stayed with me for years and years. Isn’t it so apt.

We always put ourselves in a cage full of mirrors, where we keep looking at every part of us and keep criticizing it.

Often we think that what if someone notices this scar of mine, what if someone says I am looking ugly or fat or thin, what if someone makes fun of the way I speak or dance, what if people do not accept me, and and and this list of WHAT IF’S can go on till infinity…

But if you are reading this blog today then remember that you are unique in your own sense. You are special for your own self! And, you need to love yourself completely- the good and the bad parts equally. After all, who is perfect in this world?

No-one right?

So, let yourself free and let your soul do what it likes, let your body wear what it likes, let your mouth speak what it likes, let your heart do what it loves and see how you would slowly learn to embrace every part of yourself!

Are you ready to do this for yourself?

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Author: Sakshi Kaushik

Hey, I am Sakshi Kaushik, a student of Psychology. I am currently in the 2nd Year of my Graduation. I have created this website to increase awareness about Mental Health and to remove the stigma that comes along with it. I hope that the blogs would be interesting for you. So let's dive into this endeavor together!