Psychology is the scientific study of human mind, overt & covert behaviour, and subjective experiences. Check out this blog to know more about Psychology.

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Today’s blog is very special as it is the first one. In this very blog I am going to talk all about PSYCHOLOGY. You can consider it as an Introduction to Psychology. So, let us begin!

You must have heard about the discipline “Psychology“, but have you ever bothered to understand what it exactly contains or tries to teach? Okay, so let me give you an example first. We all know what mathematics deals with, right? You all must be having in your mind that it deals with numbers. For some, these numbers might be scary while for others they may be interesting!

Likewise, do we know what Psychology deals with? Some of you might be knowing it very well, but for the majority, it still is an unsolved mystery. Most of the population, even the educated ones believe that Psychology deals with reading minds or predicting the future. Today, you are the lucky peeps who would get to know the exact meaning of psychology, and I expect that you would share it with others as well!

“PSYCHOLOGY is defined as the scientific study of mental processes, experiences and behaviour in different situations.”

  • We use our Mental Processes when we think or try to solve a problem, to know or remember something. For example, as you are reading this blog, you are thinking about psychology and thus, you are using your mental processes.
  • Experiences are subjective in nature. Subjective refers to the fact that only the experiencing person can be aware of her/his experiences. We cannot directly know or observe someone else’s experience. For example, if you have secured the first position in some examination, then everyone can have an idea that you must be happy. However, it is only you (the experiencing person) who would know exactly what you are feeling at the moment. Has it ever happened? Try recollecting some other experience.
  • Behaviours are responses or reactions we make or the activities we engage in. Our behaviours may be OVERT or COVERT. Overt behaviours are those which can be outwardly seen or sensed by the observer. Covert behaviours are internal and cannot be sensed by an external observer.  For example, suppose your teacher scolded one of your classmates because she was not paying attention to the class. From the next class onwards the girl started to bunk the classes of that particular teacher. This is an example of OVERT BEHAVIOUR because you can externally see the girl’s reaction and probably interpret it as well. However, if the girl still attended all the lectures as always, then any external observer will not be able to make out whether she is upset or not. Thus, this will be COVERT BEHAVIOUR which cannot be observed by any external observer.

Psychology has nothing to do with this!

Therefore, Psychology has nothing, absolutely NOTHING to do with mind-reading or future predictions. Instead, those who are trained in the field of psychology help those people who face difficulties in coping up with the society they live in. Psychologists help in making the lives of people easier. Therefore, Psychologists are not astrologers or palm readers, rather they are your friends who help you with effective functioning. Learning psychology instills within you a sense of belief that every person has a story behind her/his behaviour. Thus, you learn to accept people as they are, instead of judging them and making them uncomfortable.

This was an introductory blog for Psychology aimed at making you familiar with this field. I hope that by now you are well aware of what Psychology actually studies. Also, get to know the Work of Psychologists.

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It would be a great help if you share this knowledge with others as well and help in spreading the correct knowledge!

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